Explore and Enjoy.

Is it possible to explore anymore?

Seriously, what’s left for anyone to discover?

Let’s explore, discover, and enjoy something we all take for granted.  Coffee.

Our enjoyment is simple.  Every morning, before walking into the office, we enjoy.  Saturday a.m.’s while the kids watch cartoons, we enjoy.  At church, during an outreach program, we enjoy.  After a long week, coupled with a cigar, we enjoy.

Did you realize that there are select variables that go into the taste of your coffee?  With Potter Coffee Club you will learn the difference in a dry processed coffee and a wet processed coffee.  You will discover that a light City + roast is more floral than a Full City roast.  Costa Rica can produce fruity coffee, while Indonesia can produce earthy coffee.

Enjoy the details of your cup.

Explore and Enjoy.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton