A little salvation…

Every day this week, I have come home to a new fort being built in a room. It’s awesome. Meet Reagan, CEO Kan and I’s daughter, and fort-builder-extraordinaire. She speaks “pandemic” very well.

If you find your days smearing together… If you find your walls creeping slowly inward…we have salvation. Treat yourself to a bag of fresh roasted Potter Coffee.

Order through Thursday at 8 pm and we will give you 16 ounces for the price of 12 ounces! And we will deliver Friday evening, if you are local.


Coffee & tee.

Everything we do, we have learned from our mothers. Compassion, hard work, love…just to name a few.

This year mothers have taught us something new. They’ve taught us how to make a gift box!

Potter Coffee gift boxes available!

Potter Coffee gift boxes are now available on pottercoffee.com/order

Order a 12 oz bag of fresh roasted coffee with a crisp new tee for $30, or get a gift box with (2) 12 oz bags of fresh roasted coffee for $30.

Mothers are always giving!

Curious about a subscription?

Here are a few fun reasons why buying a subscription is not only fun, but informative…

1. Bi-monthly fresh, single-origin coffee. Every two weeks we’ll deliver a new coffee. Each coffee will be custom roasted to a certain roast level that best characterizes that particular coffee.

2. Each batch includes a bulletin. One side of the bulletin has farm notes, coffee notes, and fun facts. The other side includes fun things about coffee in general. Learn new ways to brew, how coffee is processed, or a little about your roaster. Below is a sample of this batch’s bulletin…

3. Each six month subscription includes Potter Coffee swag. Sometimes a mug, or a t-shirt, or…always a surprise!

Now you can look soooooooo fresh!

We have you covered…

Preparation is a wise precaution during these trying times. No need to horde the coffee though, we can keep you in supply of the fresh stuff throughout the pandemic.

Think about a subscription. Six months of 12 different origin coffees, delivered fresh to your door every two weeks.

Spend your self-quarantine nerding out on coffee.

Pandemics and roasting…

I hope this post finds everyone healthy, safe, and sane. I wanted to say a few things about the roasting process and fear of viral contamination.

We get our green coffee beans from all over the world. With a global pandemic there can be fear that COVID-19 could be carried in the beans. During the roast process the temperature of the beans and roaster reaches an excess of 400 degrees, for a prolonged period. At these temps, any virus is killed.

Below are a few pictures of the actual roast process, showing that there is almost zero contact with your roasted coffee.

Beans are scooped and weighed into a container.
Beans are dropped into the hopper, directly into the roaster.
Beans go directly to the cooling tray.
Straight from the cooling tray, to the scale.
Straight from the scale, to your bag.

If you have any questions, please let us know, and remember to be proactive during this trying time.


The Potters